Nunavut ethics officer to work out of Winnipeg

The first person to take the job, Jeffrey Schnoor, begins work on April 1, saying he does not expect it to be a full-time position.

The territory's first ethics officer, Jeffrey Schnoor, begins work on April 1

Nunavut's first ethics officer, Jeffrey Schnoor, is a former deputy minister of justice and former deputy attorney general for the province of Manitoba. (Jane Sponagle/CBC)

Nunavut's ethics officer doesn't start work until Apr. 1, but he paid the territory's legislative assembly a visit yesterday.

Jeffrey Schnoor, a retired former deputy justice minister and deputy attorney general for Manitoba, said he hopes there are not too many complaints about Nunavut's public service once he takes up the newly-created position. 

"I hope this provides a level of confidence so in the rare situations where that's not the case, they can feel comfortable bringing forward their allegations," he said.  

Government employees are initially encouraged to see their supervisors or managers about complaints, Schnoor said. But "when that process doesn't get them the results they think are appropriate, at the point they have the ability to come to me."

Schnoor will be based in Winnipeg and handle complaints by phone (via a toll-free number) and email. 

He says he'll only travel to Nunavut when necessary.

"I don't expect that this is going to be anywhere near a full-time position," he said. 

Finance Minister Keith Peterson said Schnoor's appointment was a long time coming. 

"The creation of this type of legislation has been something previous house members have sought since the creation of Nunavut," he said.


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