Happy Nunavut Day! Here's a collection of some great photos by Nunavummiut

In honour of the holiday, we're sharing photos that capture the immense beauty of the territory.

The holiday marks when Parliament passed the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act

Lisa Ittinuar shared this photo of handmade, traditional clothing. 'Photo shoot with my girls,' she said. (Submitted by Lisa Ittinuar)

Today is Nunavut Day.

The holiday marks when Parliament passed the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act on July 9 in 1993.

It's a statutory holiday in the territory, and Inuit will be celebrating this day by getting out on the land and enjoying its immense beauty.

We've gathered some photos that have been sent to us, capturing how stunning this magical place is.

Happy Nunavut Day!

'My mother Pauline Kadjuk from Chesterfield Inlet skinned five polar bear hides. Seventy-four years old and still at her best,' Sherlyn Kadjuk. (Submitted by Sherlyn Kadjuk)
Traditional clothes worn in Pangnirtung. These are mostly made of seal skin. (Submitted by David Kilabuk)
Sandra K. Amarook sent us this photo of ice formations that can be found on the shores of Nunavut when the spring melt is on. (Submitted by Sandra K Amarook)
'Waiting for seal and bearded seal ... I wear all caribou, including caribou antler sun glasses.' says ᑮᓈᓕᒃ ᐅᓂ ᖃᑲᒥ. (Submitted by ᑮᓈᓕᒃ ᐅᓂ ᖃᑲᒥ)
Billy Merkosak gets a quick shot in with a polar bear who was too busy chowing down to notice him. (Submitted by Clara Lou Tagak)
Evening at a camp in March 2021 near Clyde River. (Submitted by Leeno Apak)
Joshua Haulli snapped this shot on a tea break just before heading back home to Igloolik. Looks cozy. (Submitted by Joshua Haulli )
Hunting whales in Nunavut is a way of life. Inuit rely on them as a healthy and sustainable food source. This narwhal hunt happened near Clyde River in a place called Scott Inlet. (Submitted by Dion Sanguya )
Just as delicious as they are beautiful, aqpik berries are plentiful in parts of Nunavut in late summer. Just look at this spectacular field of berries in Sanikiluaq. (Submitted by Hazel Ajagutainaq)
Johnny Senior Kaviok with the moon in the palm of his hand last fall in Arviat. (Submitted by Johnny Senior Kaviok)
'This picture was taken outside of Arviat during the fishing derby,' said Elizabeth Inukpauyak Gibbons. (Submitted by Elizabeth Inukpauyak Gibbons)