Why Sharon Shorty's grandmother told her not to look at the northern lights

Sharon Shorty's grandmother told her many stories about the northern lights growing up in Yukon. As the aurora appear in our skies again, watch an animation of her legend.

CBC spoke with Indigenous elders and storytellers about the stories around the aurora borealis

Sharon Shorty talks about the legends of the northern lights

1 year ago
Watch an animation of Sharon Shorty describing the legends of northern lights from her grandmother while growing up in Yukon. 1:38

Sharon Shorty's grandmother told her northern lights were bad luck.

Shorty is a Yukon storyteller and comedian. She remembers growing up in Teslin and hearing stories about the aurora borealis from her grandmother.

She was supposed to stay quiet and to not look at them. 

CBC spoke with several Indigenous elders and northern storytellers about the stories around the aurora borealis.

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