Northern Lights inspire dye job by California hairstylist

A photo of the Northern Lights posted on Instagram by a photographer in Yellowknife has become the inspiration for an eye-catching haircut crafted by a California stylist.

Instagram photo posted by Yellowknife resident catches attention of nature-loving stylist

A photo of the Northern Lights taken by Yellowknife photographer Keating Smith (left) recently became the inspiration for a haircut by a California hairstylist (right). (Keating Smith/Christine Pierce )

A photo of the Northern Lights posted on Instagram by a Yellowknife photographer has become the inspiration for an eye-catching haircut crafted by a California stylist.

Christine Pierce, a stylist at Studio 514  in Oceanside, Calif., says a regular client recently asked for a style resembling the world-famous aurora borealis.

While searching on the internet for inspiration, Pierce found a photo that Yellowknife resident Keating Smith took while travelling on the road to Behchoko, N.W.T.

The pink, purple and green colours were based on aurora borealis. (submitted by Christine Pierce)

"I really like how there were no harsh lines in that picture and the majority of it was the purple that really faded into the pinks and the blues," said Pierce, who is often inspired by nature.

Hair movement mimics dancing lights

Pierce coloured and shaped the hair to reflect Smith's shot.

"It was really exciting for other stylists in the salon because as I was blowdrying the hair you could see the movement in it. It really replicated the picture."

Pierce returned the favour and posted a photo of the finished cut on Instagram.

"I think as artists it's important we recognize each other and if we are inspiring another artist, I just think it's so beautiful and we need to share that," she said.

'Blown away'

Smith said he was "blown away" by the finished product.

"When I initially heard that she was going to use it as inspiration, I'd assumed that she was going to maybe create some sort of digital art or maybe a painting or something I wasn't really too sure.

"I didn't think I would ever see the aurora borealis put to use in hairstyling."

Pierce said she'd never even heard of the Northwest Territories before stumbling upon Smith's photo, but that she's now considering a trip to the territory to see the lights in person.

"I think the inspiration in person would be really intense and it would be a really moving experience."

Christine Pierce, a stylist at Studio 514 in Oceanside, Calif., created this hairstyle based on the Northern Lights. (submitted by Christine Pierce)


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