You need to make this no-knead bread 'that's nice for old bones'

This week's Arctic Kitchen recipe is no knead bread.

'I don’t have to knead it, and that’s nice for old bones,' said Beate Marquardt

Beate Marquardt says there's no need to knead this bread and that's good for people with old bones. (Submitted by Beate Marquardt)

It looks like something you'd find on a magazine cover: gorgeous, good old-fashioned bread.

Crusty, artisan and solid, a loaf this beautiful is special. 

Just ask Beate Marquardt.

"It reminds me of my childhood bread," she said in an interview with CBC North radio host Wanda McLeod.

Another reason why this bread is so special?

"I don't have to knead it, and that's nice for old bones," she said.

Beate Marquardt stands in her kitchen where she loves to make bread. (Submitted by Beate Marquardt)

You read that right. There's no need to knead this bread. 

"Instead of kneading the yeast cells into the dough … time does it," she said.

Marquardt grew up in Germany but now lives in Burns Lake, B.C. 

And, when she has the time, she's making this bread.

Make sure your cast iron dutch oven is really hot before you put the bread dough in when making this no-knead bread. (Submitted by Beate Marquardt)

Marquardt says she usually mixes the ingredients in the evening after supper. Then she lets it sit until morning.

20 hours is normally how long she waits. But she says it's ok if people let it sit even longer than that.

"If you forget about it, it's not so bad," she said.

When it's done rising she has a good old-fashioned cast iron dutch oven ready to go.

This no-knead bread takes a lot time to make, but it's so worth it in the end. (Submitted by Beate Marquardt)

"I heat the cast iron dutch oven first in the oven so that it's really, really hot and that makes the crust nice and crusty."

And beautiful.

Here's what people on CBC North's Facebook recipe page are saying about her bread.

"I make these unkneaded breads in cast iron pots, too. Wonderful bread!! Yours look super!" said one member.

"Thanks for sharing!! I'm going to try this on [the weekend]!" said another.

Beate Marquardt says this bread is solid, old fashioned, and reminds her of her childhood. (Submitted by Beate Marquardt)

Marquardt shared her full recipe in the group. 

You can find all the details right here.

Based on an interview by Wanda McLeod