New Indigenous language radio show in Inuvialuktun

The radio program will air interviews and stories in different dialects of Inuvialuktun.

'There’s also a hunger out there for people to learn the language'

Dodie Lennie is the host of the new radio program Quliaqtuavut. (CBC)

There's a new show to catch this weekend on CBC North Radio One — Quliaqtuavut.

It means "our stories" in Inuvialuktun.

"It gives people an opportunity to listen to the language, to listen to the strong speakers as well in the different dialects," said Dodie Lennie who will be hosting the weekly show.

She says that the program will help promote the endangered Inuvialuktun language, spoken in dispersed communities throughout the North.

"There's also a hunger out there for people to learn the language," Lennie said.

"Some people are, because of colonialism, embarrassed that they can't speak the language. They might be embarrassed too because they're mixing English with Inuvialuktun, especially with the elders, they're feeling that they should be more fluent," said Lennie, reminding people that anyone can learn, no matter their level.

The program will share stories in different dialects of Inuvialuktun. It will also play language material from the Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre.

The program will compile interesting radio interviews and stories from Monday to Friday that people may have missed.

Catch it live Saturdays at 4 p.m. PT in the Yukon and N.W.T. on CBC North Radio One.

With files from Dave White