New Inuktitut channel hits Arviat cable packages

The Arviat Film Society is partnering with Isuma to offer Inuktitut programming on Channel 19.
Eric Anoee Jr., far left, poses with members of the Arviat Film Society in Arviat. (Courtesy Jamie Bell)

The Arviat Film Society is hunting for videos that show community events, proper hunting techniques and interviews with elders. The next job is digitizing it for broadcast on Channel 19, which will soon be available to Arviat cable customers. 

The goal? A new, Inuktitut TV channel that sheds some light on the history and culture of the people in and around Arviat. 

"I think it's very important because it's part of our history...the medium of video can be used to document history and preserve it for our future generations,” says Eric Anoee Jr., who’s been with the society for five years now.

"Moving pictures adds a lot of benefits to the viewer…” he says. “For instance, for teaching our culture."

Some of the footage dates back to the 1980s. Young people such as Evano Aggark Jr. are also creating short videos for the channel, and learning new skills.

"I know that I had a hard time understanding everything in English all the time,” Aggark says. “This will encourage more people to learn in Inuktitut as well as cultural values… it's important to utilize that."

The film society is partnering with Isuma TV in Igloolik.

Starting next month, people outside of Arviat will also be able to watch Channel 19, on the Isuma TV website. 

For a preview of what’s to come, try some samples here.


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