New animated film based on Inuit legend

Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer and Northern actors voice Inuit characters in first-ever Canadian animated 3D movie.

Northern actors voice Inuit characters in 3D movie Sarila

The finishing touches are being put on Canada's first-ever animated 3D movie, with Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer and three Northern actors voicing Inuit characters.

Set in 1910, Sarila is the story of three children in Canada's North. It's loosely based on Inuit legend and follows three Inuit on a journey to save their community from starvation. The three main characters Markussi, Putulik and Apik go in search of Sarila, a far-away land. It’s hidden among the glaciers, with plentiful wild game.

Sarila, a Canadian 3D animated movie, has Inuit characters and stars Northern actors, as well as Canadian Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer. (10th Avenue Productions)

Yellowknife's Dustin Milligan, Igloolik's Natar Ungalaaq and Nunavik's Elisapee Isaac star alongside Canadian Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer.

The film is adapted from a children’s story written by Roger Harvey and Pierre Tremblay, who lived briefly in the Arctic.

The Quebec production company, Carpe Diem, said it took 12 years to raise the $8.5 million needed to produce the movie.

The film’s director, Nancy Florence Savard, first received the script in 2001.

"It was so strong, it was such a gorgeous movie," she said.

The film does contain some inaccuracies, such as teepees in the Inuit village. One of the main characters is a crow, a bird not typically found in Nunavut.

But Milligan said it made the film more inclusive.

"It is important to remember that this is an amalgamation of a larger collective of Northern culture," he said. "It is more about seeing these different aspects of different cultures celebrated in one film, which I think is great."

Sarila is set to be released in early 2013. There will be an English and a French version.