N.W.T. residents balk at gas price hikes

People in the Northwest Territories are questioning why gasoline prices jumped more than 20 cents a litre in some commmunities last month.

MLA calls on territorial government to take action

A jump in gasoline prices in the Northwest Territories has prompted one MLA to call for regulation of the industry.

Prices rose more than 20 cents a litre in some communities last month.

"You know it's quite an impact on you know on the little guy at the community level," said Charlie Furlong, a former chief of Aklavik.

Gasoline is up 13 cents a litre there, after the Northern Store raised its price to nearly $1.93 per litre.

In Norman Wells, the location of one of the longest-producing oilfields in Canada, gas prices rose over 20 cents... to over a dollar 94 per litre.

A Yellowknife MLA wants the Territorial Government to regulate the price of gas right across the territory.

"How do you know you're getting the best value?" said Robert Hawkins. "How do you know you're getting a fair value? Nobody knows.  Everybody just knows this is the price at the pump."

In the North, transportation costs can add 10 cents or more per litre for fuel.

Hawkins says it is not just gas stations profiting but also the big oil companies.

"Who's watching out for the little guy's interests? The hard working family? That's the issue I've been bringing to the table and the government should be looking into this.  I think the government could be doing this."