N.W.T, Nunavut get money for housing

The federal and territorial governments will spend $11 million in N.W.T. and $9 million in Nunavut under a recently renewed housing agreement.

The federal and N.W.T. governments will spend $11 million on affordable housing in the territory under a recently renewed housing agreement.

"This money will be used for some affordable housing and repair programs," said Robert C. McLeod, minister responsible for the N.W.T. Housing Corp.

"Without the work the housing corp. does, housing would be unaffordable in a lot of these communities. It's hard to get financing to purchase in some of the communities."

This is a renewal of an existing agreement that was put in place about five years ago.

The new money will be used over the next three years.

According to a recent report from Carleton University, the number of people in the N.W.T. living in homes that need major repairs is more than three times the national average and about 400 families are currently on a waiting list for housing.

The federal government and Nunavut announced a combined investment of close to $9 million for affordable housing last week. Nunavut will use the money to build new and renovate existing affordable housing.