N.W.T. fall election will see most MLAs run again

Transportation Minister Tom Beaulieu and Speaker Jackie Jacobsen are among the latest MLAs to confirm they'll be running in this fall's N.W.T. election.

Transportation Minister Tom Beaulieu, Speaker Jackie Jacobsen latest to confirm fall bids

Regular MLAs, from left, Jane Groenewegen, Daryl Dolynny, Robert Bouchard, Michael Nadli, Robert Hawkins, Wendy Bisaro, Alfred Moses and Bob Bromley attend a session of the Northwest Territories legislative assembly last fall. (Chantal Dubuc/CBC)

Most N.W.T. MLAs say they will be running again in this fall's territorial election.

Those who have most recently confirmed their candidacy with CBC are Tom Beaulieu, MLA for the Tu Nedhe riding and the minister of transportation, and Jackie Jacobson, the MLA for Nunakput and the speaker of the legislative assembly.

Here's a handy cheat sheet of what we know right now:



RunningNot runningUnsure as of July 29

Glen Abernethy, MLA for Great Slave, Minister of Health and Social Services 

Tom Beaulieu, MLA for Tu Nedhe, Minister of Transportation 

Wendy Bisaro, MLA for Frame Lake
Frederick Blake Jr., MLA for Mackenzie Delta
Robert Bouchard, MLA for Hay River North 
Bob Bromley, MLA for Weledeh
Daryl Dolynny, MLA for Range Lake
Jane Groenewegen, MLA for Hay River South 
Robert Hawkins, MLA for Yellowknife Centre
Jackie Jacobson, MLA for Nunakput, Speaker

Jackson Lafferty, MLA for Monfwi, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment

Bob McLeod, MLA for Yellowknife South, Premier

Robert C. McLeod, MLA for Inuvik Twin Lakes, Minister of Lands

Kevin Menicoche, MLA for Nahendeh

Michael Miltenberger, MLA for Thebacha, Minister of Finance 

(according to The Northern Journal)

Alfred Moses, MLA for Inuvik Boot Lake 
Michael Nadli, MLA for Dehcho✔ (as of early April)

David Ramsay, MLA for Kam Lake, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment

Norman Yakeleya, MLA for Sahtu

Other confirmed candidates:

  • Rod Brown, co-founder of Discovery Mining Services, possibly in the Range Lake riding;
  • Julie Green, former CBC journalist, in the Yellowknife Centre riding;
  • Wally Schumann, former Hay River Métis Council president, in the Hay River South riding; and
  • Cory Vanthuyne, Yellowknife city councilor, in the Weledeh riding.

Tu Nedhe riding may change 

Beaulieu's confirmation comes amidst his opposition to a Tu Nedhe riding change that will take effect with the Nov. 23 election, pending the outcome of a lawsuit recently filed by the City of Yellowknife and others.

Under that change, the communities of N'dilo and Dettah will be transferred from the eastern Yellowknife riding of Weledeh to Tu Nedhe, which currently only includes Fort Resolution and Lutsel K'e. 

Hay River South MLA Jane Groenewegen says she's still unsure as to whether she will run in this fall's territorial election. (CBC)

Kevin Menicoche (Nahendeh) and Frederick Blake Jr. (Mackenzie Delta) have also confirmed they're running again.

Dave Ramsay, the MLA for Yellowknife's Kam Lake riding and the minister of industry, tourism and investment, quietly released a press release confirming he'll run again, back in May. 

All cabinet members with the exception of Environment and Finance Minister Michael Miltenberger have confirmed with CBC North that they'll seek additional terms, though Miltenberger did tell The Northern Journal last week he'll seek a record sixth term. CBC North's requests for confirmation have not been returned.

Only two MLAs — Bob Bromley (Weledeh) and Wendy Bisaro (Frame Lake) — have said they're bowing out of this election.

Hay River South MLA Jane Groenewegen said Wednesday she remains "unsure" of her plans.

New candidates include minerals advisory board member

The latest fresh face to confirm his candidacy is Rod Brown. Co-founder of Discovery Mining Services, Brown was most recently appointed by Ramsay to the N.W.T.'s minerals advisory board. Brown says he will likely run in the Range Lake riding.

Julie Green, a former CBC North journalist, released a press release in June confirming she will run in the Yellowknife Centre riding.   

Yellowknife environmentalist Kevin O'Reilly says he's 'seriously considering' running in the election. (CBC)

In a late April press release, Wally Schumann, past president of the Hay River Métis Council, said he's seeking the Hay River South seat.

Yellowknife city councilor Cory Vanthuyne had already confirmed with CBC News that he will run, but has since added that he will run in the Weledeh riding.

Well-known Yellowknife environmentalist Kevin O'Reilly said Wednesday he's "seriously considering" running as well.


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