N.W.T. court rules man not guilty of drug trafficking

Rory Moore, 28, was accused of bringing a large amount of cocaine and marijuana into Yellowknife in 2010.

Judge questions reliability of witness's testimony

A man accused of bringing a large amount of drugs into Yellowknife was found not guilty on Tuesday of possessing and trafficking cocaine and marijuana.

The prosecutor's case against Rory Moore, 28, relied heavily on testimony from Moore's co-accused, Robert Livingstone. The two were arrested driving into Yellowknife in June 2010. Police found three kilograms of marijuana and 268 grams of cocaine in their car.

Justice Virginia Schuler questioned the reliability of Livingstone's testimony, saying his answers were often vague and rambling. She noted he has a Grade 3 education, and is an admitted drug addict.

Livingstone testified that his cousin — a drug dealer with ties to the Hell's Angels — gave them the drugs in B.C., where they were packaged and hidden in the car bound for Yellowknife. Livingstone was driving the car when the pair was arrested.

The judge called Moore's involvement suspicious and said he probably knew the drugs were in the car, but she said that was not enough to convict him and there was no evidence that he had any control over the drugs.

Moore served nearly a year in jail while waiting for his trial.

Livingstone has been in custody for nearly two years, ever since the June 2010 arrest. He's still waiting for his trial date to be set.