Here are the candidates for the 2018 N.W.T. municipal elections

The candidates for mayor and councillor positions have been announced for the 2018 municipal elections.

Election day is scheduled for Oct. 15

There are 3 people running for mayor in Fort Smith: Lynn Napier-Buckley, Brad Brake, and Don Matthews. (Priscilla Hwang/CBC)

Nominations for upcoming municipal elections in six N.W.T. communities closed Monday, and the list of candidates is now in for Fort Smith, Hay River, and Inuvik, in addition to Yellowknife.

Municipal elections are scheduled for Oct. 15.   

Fort Simpson

Two people have put in their names to be mayor of Fort Simpson: current town councillor Sean Whelly and Patrick (Pat) Rowe.

There are 10 candidates for the eight councillor positions:

  • Celine Antoine
  • A.J. Augier.
  • Troy Bellefontaine
  • Kirby Groat
  • Muaz Hassan (incumbent)
  • Marie Lafferty (incumbent)
  • Liza McPherson (incumbent)
  • Clayton Moreau
  • Michael Rowe (incumbent)
  • Randal (Randy) Sibbeston

Fort Smith

Three people have put their names forward for the mayor position in Fort Smith: incumbent Lynn Napier-Buckley, former mayor Brad Brake, and Don Matthews. 

Fifteen candidates have put their names forward for eight councillor positions, including five incumbents:

  • Louise Beaulieu
  • Kevin Campbell
  • Michael Couvrette
  • Jessica Cox
  • Ray Currie
  • Chris DeWolf
  • Al Dumont (incumbent)
  • Gerard Fradsham
  • Keith Hartery
  • Ron Holtorf (incumbent)
  • Bob McArthur (incumbent)
  • Ann Pischinger
  • Kevin Smith (incumbent)
  • Brenda Tuckey (incumbent)
  • Chris Westwell

Hay River

Current town councillor Kandis Jameson was acclaimed as mayor of Hay River. Brad Mapes, the town's current mayor, announced last week that he would not seek re-election.

Nine people will seek eight spots on town council:

  • Steve Anderson (incumbent)
  • Robert Bouchard
  • (Mary) Emily Chambers
  • Linda Duford
  • Keith Dohey (incumbent)
  • (James) Jeffery Groenewegen
  • Sandra Lester
  • Joseph Melanson
  • Brian Willows

There are nine people in Hay River running for seven positions on the community's District Education Authority:

  • Nikki Ashton (incumbent)
  • Mark Harris
  • Jamie Hunt
  • Dale Loutit
  • Glen McPhee
  • Pennie Pokiak (incumbent)
  • Lisa Ruggles
  • Annette Rupert
  • Adam Smith


In Inuvik, two people have put their names into the running for the position of mayor: current city councillors Natasha Kulikowski and Vince Sharpe. 

Eight people will be acclaimed to the eight spots on town council:

  • Steven Baryluk (incumbent)
  • Desmond Loreen
  • Gary McBride
  • Paul MacDonald
  • Alana Mero (incumbent)
  • Raygan Solotki
  • Kurt Wainman (incumbent)
  • Clarence Wood (incumbent)

Seven people have declared their nomination for District Education Council after candidate Amanda Lennie withdrew her nomination Tuesday afternoon. There are seven spots available, meaning they will be acclaimed:

  • Tony Devlin
  • Jodie Maring
  • Lenora McLeod
  • Aurelie (A.J.) Minakis
  • Mark Owen
  • Jennifer Parrott
  • Janelle Wainman (incumbent)

Norman Wells

Three people are in the running to be mayor in Norman Wells: Harry Cassie, Timothy L. Melnyk, and Frank Pope. 

In 2017 the territorial government dissolved the community's town council and appointed an administrator to handle the community's business after receiving complaints about alleged conflicts of interest, breaches of confidentiality and failure to follow legislation and council procedures.

There are 18 people who have put in their names for one of six councillor positions in the community:

  • Pascal Audet
  • Charles Beckingham
  • Stephanie Behrens
  • Jean Paul Bernard
  • William James Boyle
  • Paulie Chinna
  • Luc Erb
  • Anil Gonsalves
  • Robert (Bob) Greek
  • Jamie Kearsey 
  • Carol Lorentz
  • Mark Wilhelmus Meulenbroek
  • Kyle Stephen Newhook
  • Alexis Peachey
  • Harvey Pierrot
  • Trevor Smith
  • David Wever
  • Loretta Wiley

Nine people have been nominated for six District Education Authority seats:

  • Marty Ann Bayha
  • Stephanie Behrens
  • Roberta Bighetty
  • Paulie Chinna
  • Robert Closs
  • Karea Peachey
  • Misty Rayner
  • Susan Rose
  • Jennifer Waterhouse

Candidates have until 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 19, to withdraw their nomination.


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