More Yukon firefighters on the way to N.W.T.

Yukon is sending 25 firefighters to Fort Smith, N.W.T., Thursday, to help out with the territory's nearly 300 forest fires.
Firefighters came to the N.W.T. from across the country to help out. (Yukon Wildland Fire Management)

Yukon is sending more firefighters to join the nearly 400 personnel currently battling the blazes in the Northwest Territories, half of them from out of the territory.

Yukon firefighters board a flight to the N.W.T. Thursday to help out with the territory's nearly 300 forest fires. (Yukon Wildland Fire Management)

On Thursday, 25 Yukon firefighters headed to Fort Smith to help with fires in the South Slave region. There are several large fires in the region, including one 35 kilometres west of Fort Smith.

In addition, nine Yukon firefighters are on their way to Smithers, B.C. They join six Yukon Wildland Fire Management personnel already providing support in B.C.

This is the eighth time this year that Yukon has sent resources to help fight fires elsewhere.

There have only been 28 fires so far this season in the Yukon. Yukon Wildland Fire Management calls it one of its slowest years on record.

In N.W.T., there have been nearly 300 forest fires so far this year, of which about 240 are currently burning.