Day 4 of MMIWG inquiry in Iqaluit

Thursday is the fourth and final day of hearings in Iqaluit. After testimony, the inquiry will wrap up with closing ceremonies.

Thursday will see testimony wrap up and closing ceremonies

This display sitting between commissioners and witnesses at the Iqaluit inquiry hearing is filled with traditional items, including a birchbark basket, okpik (owl) dolls and biscuits. (Garrett Hinchey/CBC)

Thursday is the fourth and final day of testimony in the Iqaluit hearing of the national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

After testimony, the hearing will wrap up with closing ceremonies.

The hearing in Iqaluit started on Monday and went for four, often emotional, days. They're open to the public and being held at the Frobisher Inn.

These are institutional hearings with a focus on socio-economic, health and wellness impacts, and the commissioners are hearing from experts and stakeholders, rather than victims and family members.

On Thursday, there will be a cross-examination of witnesses for the final panel on Aboriginal decolonizing and gendered Aboriginal perspective. The discussion will be centred around decolonizing institutions such as universities, as well as the challenges facing LGBTQ and two-spirit Indigenous people and how they can be overcome. 

Elisapi Davidee Aningmiuq, Hagar Idlout-Sudlovenick and Inukshuk Aksalnik during Tuesday's cross-examination, accompanied by legal counsel. (Garrett Hinchey/CBC)

Over the last three days, commissioners and panellists have talked about how Inuit have been impacted by events like residential school, forced relocation and the slaughtering of sled dogs.

Panellists have also talked about colonialism and how Inuit culture has been lost, and the importance of health and well-being in early life for Indigenous people

Commissioners have been travelling across the country, gathering statements from families and survivors. Their final report will look at patterns and underlying factors.

The inquiry expects to conclude its research by Dec. 31 and submit its final report by April 30, 2019.

Iqaluit is the first of four final stops for the inquiry. It will hold hearings in the coming weeks in Quebec City, Winnipeg and St. John's.

CBC North's Garrett Hinchey is at the Iqaluit hearing and will keep you up to date in a live blog.

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