MLAs mull change to N.W.T. laws on bullying and booze

The territorial government is making its final review on Wednesday of changes to two important pieces of legislation in the N.W.T. One would deal with bullying under the Education Act, and the other would give those in the Sahtu a say on liquor rules in the area.
N.W.T. legislators are considering final reviews to changes to the Liquor Act and the Education Act on Wednesday. (Chuck Stoody/Canadian Press)

A committee of MLAs is making its final review on Wednesday of changes that could be made to two pieces of Northwest Territories legislation.

Both the Liquor Act and the Education Act could change significantly if a pair of proposed changes get approved.

In one bill, the committee is looking to better define bullying in the Education Act. That change would outline specific punishments for bullies, and in-school support for victims.

But the group of MLAs is also reviewing a second potential change, this one to the Liquor Act.

That motion, put forward by Sahtu MLA Norman Yakelaya, would give people in all regions of the Sahtu a say about potential sale restrictions at the Norman Wells liquor store.

The committee is holding a public clause-by-clause review Wednesday — one for each potential change. The review for the Liquor Act is at noon at the territorial legislature in Yellowknife. The review for the Education Act is at 4:30.


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