Michael Nehass to find out Friday if he's mentally fit for trial

Whitehorse inmate Michael Nehass will find out Friday if a judge considers him mentally fit to stand trial.

Psychiatrist testifies Whitehorse inmate has delusions about a government conspiracy

An inmate at Whitehorse Correctional Centre will find out on Friday if he's considered mentally fit to stand trial.

At his court appearance on Monday, Michael Nahess said politicians, bureaucrats and even judges are all trying to prevent him from exposing a conspiracy.


Nehass is facing a string of charges including a serious assault on a jail guard​.

A psychiatrist testified Nehass suffers from delusions and believes he's being punished because he knows too much about a conspiracy in the Yukon government.

Nehass claims he was poisoned by guards at the jail and has been sterilized against his will. He is demanding the Supreme Court of Canada and the United Nations investigate his treatment at the jail.

The crown attorney says it's clear Nehass does not have a rational understanding of what is happening around him.

Nehass's lawyer says it doesn't matter if he is delusional and doesn't trust the system, as lots of people come to court believing fanciful things and don't trust authority. 

Nehass has complained to the Human Rights Commission about being mistreated at the jail.

Judge Michael Cozens will hand down his decision on Friday.