Meat, fish and animal carcasses found near Dawson City

You could not invent more attractive bear bait if you tried: Moose meat, salmon fillets and a whole fox, beaver and wolf pup carcass. These were all dumped by a roadside outside Dawson City. The fragrant pile inevitably drew a bear close to town.

Unsurprising black bear drawn to moose meat, salmon and animal carcasses left on roadside

Conservation officers had to collect everything from the roadside. A wolf pup is not necessarily a sign of poaching as it could have been harvested legally on a trapline. (Environment Yukon)

For the black bear it was likely irresistible.

Fifteen salmon fillets, nine kilograms of moose meat, plus the carcasses of a beaver, wolf pup and fox.

The scattered meats were all found at the end of the Klondike River Access Road. 

Local conservation officer Peter Gibson says when officers were called on May 12 they found the black bear was already digging around on the site.

"The bear was a little reluctant to leave and we had to try quite hard," Gibson said.

Officers led people away from the scene then chased the bear away using loud noises and rubber bullets shot overhead. 

The conservation officers then put on gloves and collected everything from the roadside.

"I am pretty sure he returned after we left to find nothing there, and probably has moved on," Gibson said.

A close-up of the mess left on Klondike River Access Road. 'The bear was a little reluctant to leave and we had to try quite hard, but we we got it to move,' said Conservation Officer Peter Gibson. (Environment Yukon)

Meat and fish was wrapped as though for freezing  

Gibson says it's possible someone's freezer broke as the moose meat and salmon was wrapped. The case isn't necessarily meat wastage under Yukon law. 

The beaver, fox and wolf pup could have been trapped legally in Yukon.

But Gibson says dumping the meat on the roadside was a bad choice with a predictable outcome.

"It happens every year," Gibson said of freezers failing and meat going to waste. "The responsible thing is for people to inform us. If they approach us and they let us know, we don't treat it as meat wastage."

Conservation officers have installed signs around Dawson City. They are asking anyone with information to call the Yukon Poachers & Polluters Tipline at  1-800-661-0525.