Meagan Deuling

Journalist, CBC North

Meagan Deuling is an award-winning journalist who currently lives in Toronto. She has reported for CBC North in the Yukon and Nunavut. She was raised up on skiing and fresh fruit in Lumby, British Columbia. She learned to embrace and love radio in Halifax. To get in touch with her, email

Latest from Meagan Deuling

Tiny misalignment of satellite dishes responsible for Iqaluit TV disruption

Channels should be back online by the end of September in Nunavut after a small misalignment of satellite dishes was discovered and fixed.

'I wanted to see if I could do it': Nunavut adventurer runs 97-km Arctic route

Celine Jaccard says she's not a runner, but she ran the Akshayuk Pass in Nunavut in under 24 hours, relying on two pounds of potatoes to fuel the 97-kilometre run.

Federal government commits $1.96 mil to affordable housing project

The building in James North will provide 45 units of affordable housing for people with disabilities, and it will also house the Hughson Street Baptist Church.

Street food with a side of "good vibes" at Hamilton's 1st night market

Festival organizer wanted to bring the community together over food, and they say they succeeded

Remains of 300 nuns to be exhumed and moved in Hamilton

It's important for the living nuns that the remains, and eventually theirs, will be cared for long into the future

1 of Hamilton's LGBTQ advisors steps down to focus on trans protocol

Cole Gately was appointed as a voluntary advisor role a month ago.

'Hamilton has no place for hate,' says mayor in response to hate crime numbers

High stats may be due to police outreach to encourage reporting, says mayor Fred Eisenberger.

Hamilton has the highest rate of hate crimes in Canada: report

Hamilton has the highest number of police-reported hate crimes in Canada according to a new report from Statistics Canada.

Which Fringe play trapped audiences inside a superhero's home? The Butler did it

The Butler: A Superhero Detective Story runs until the end of the Hamilton Fringe Festival.

Anglican church isn't ready to recognize same-sex marriage: bishop

The church voted narrowly against recognizing same-sex marriage, but did pass a document that allows each diocese to individually decide whether or not to recognize it.

Hamilton school board investigating employee complaint of anti-Semitism

A speech pathologist with the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board has filed a harassment charge against the board after an anti-Semitic comment toward her went unacknowledged.

From breakup to 'fake-up': How a changing Yukon River is reshaping an age-old ice bridge

During the winter, residents of Dawson City use an ice bridge to connect the communities on either side of the Yukon River. But the river hasn't been freezing like it used to, threatening to cut off an already-isolated West Dawson from the rest of the community.

'It's in our veins': Inuk chef sharing Arctic food at Ottawa culinary event

The menu at this year's A Taste of the Arctic in Ottawa has been developed by an Inuk chef for the first time and features the greatest variety of Inuit food yet.

'Inuit space explorer, exploring alternate worlds' in sealskin space suit art project

Iqaluit artist Jesse Tungilik brings his childhood daydreams to life with his latest project for a future-themed residency at Concordia University.

Hunters want food security over cash, says QIA in response to Baffinland mine plan

The Qikiqtani Inuit Association is calling for the Nunavut iron ore mine to slow production until the mine's effect on surrounding animal habitats is better understood.