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Lack of snow may affect biathlon, snowboard events at 2016 Arctic Winter Games

With the 2016 Arctic Winter Games less than a week away, organizers in Greenland are still dealing with an unusual shortage of snow.

Nuuk volunteers driving loads of snow to biathlon area

The biathlon course in Nuuk. Organizers are promising there will be a track, and there will be a competition, despite the unusual lack of snow. (Arctic Winter Games 2016)

With the 2016 Arctic Winter Games less than a week away, organizers in Greenland are still dealing with an unusual shortage of snow.

"I'm from Nuuk and I have never experienced a winter with this little snow, so it is a concern," said Maliina Abelsen, general manager for the 2016 Arctic Winter Games.

She said people have been doing everything possible to prepare the venues.

"Pretty much everyone in town is trying to collect as much snow as possible and drive it to the biathlon arena," she said. "The track might not be as long as we want it to be, but there will be a track and there will be biathlon."

The Team Yukon Chef de Mission Trevor Twardochleb said he's had confirmation that one of the snowboard events has been changed because of the snow.

"The only other concern, I think, was biathlon and whether or not they're going to go with a one kilometre loop or a two kilometre loop," he said.

Twardochleb said the conditions will be a new experience for some athletes.

"We're used to beautiful trails here in Whitehorse and there we're going to be skiing in an open area with potentially wind and we're hoping great sunshine."

Team Yukon will fly to Greenland on Friday night.


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