Yukon coroner appeals to public for help to ID Lake Laberge body

He was likely a Caucasian man in his 30s, says Yukon coroner Kirsten Macdonald. The body was found on the shore of Lake Laberge on May 9.

Man's body was found on lake shore May 9

The Yukon Coroners Service released photos on Tuesday of the clothes found on the body, including these Thinsulate Dakota steel-toed work boots. (Yukon Coroners Service)

He was likely in his 30s, white, and apparently dressed warmly for work in the bush, according to new information from Yukon's coroner, about the body found two weeks ago north of Whitehorse.

Coroner Kirsten Macdonald issued an appeal to the public on Tuesday, to help identify the dead man. She also released photos of clothes found on the body.

The deceased is believed to have been in his 30s, about 5' 5", 132 lbs, and 'probably Caucasian.' (Yukon Coroners Service)

"It is my hope that we will be able to find someone in the public who maybe knew this person, employed this person, saw him or talked to him before his death," Macdonald said in an email to reporters.

But Macdonald admits it's not yet clear exactly when the man died, since his body was apparently in cold water for "a prolonged time." 

"We know this person was dressed warmly — layered clothing, gloves, wool socks, insulated work boots. This circumstantial evidence may suggest it was end of summer or fall time," Macdonald said.

Racial background uncertain

The coroner's investigation so far has determined the man was about 35 years old, give or take five years, and approximately 5' 5" tall and 132 lbs. 

Macdonald also says he was "probably Caucasian," but also could have been of Asian or First Nations descent. He showed "crowding of lower teeth", and was missing one of his upper left teeth. The gap may have been visible when he smiled, the coroner says.

The man had steel-toed work boots, camouflage CLC work gloves and a sheathed knife on his belt.

The man was carrying a 'SHIV' brand knife in a black meshed sheath on his belt. (Yukon Coroners Service)

He was also wearing:

  • 3 long sleeve shirts
  • size 12 Banana Republic tan coloured pants
  • size 30" waist black "Fox" outer pants 
  • three pairs of wool socks

A comparison of dental records earlier determined the body was not Jeremy Scurvey, a Whitehorse man missing since last October.

Macdonald says autopsy and forensic exams have also been done on the body.

Anybody with information is urged to contact either the Yukon Coroners Service or the RCMP.