3 youth injured in Kuujjuaq after ATV collides with police car

One person has been medevaced to Montreal, and she is in stable condition. Officials say it appears the driver was intoxicated.

A blood sample was taken and it appears the ATV driver was intoxicated, officials say

The incident happened in Kuujjuaq. One youth has been medevaced to Montreal. (Google Maps)

Three minors were injured in an all-terrain vehicle accident with a police patrol car in Kuujjuaq, northern Quebec early Wednesday morning.

According to a news release issued by Quebec's bureau of independent investigations, the group was on an ATV travelling at high speeds when it collided with a Kativik Regional Police Force patrol car.

All three riders were injured — one seriously, who was medevaced to Montreal.

On Wednesday afternoon the bureau sent an updated news release stating that the girl who was seriously injured is in stable condition, and her injuries are not life-threatening.

The statement said a blood sample was taken and it appears the ATV driver was intoxicated.

Quebec's bureau of independent investigations is sending a team of six investigators to the community.

The bureau is responsible for investigating all deaths and serious injuries involving police in Quebec.