Katherine Barton

Katherine Barton is the digital senior producer for CBC North, based in Yellowknife. She has a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminology. Katherine has worked in the CBC newsroom since 2012 as a TV producer, court reporter and newsreader.

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Why this 'language geek' provides hundreds of Indigenous language tools for free

Chris Harvey is the man behind languagegeek.com, a site that provides keyboards and fonts in more than 100 Indigenous languages. He's made it his passion to provide Indigenous people with access to minority languages, calling it a human rights issue.

What are the northern lights?

Most people know that the aurora borealis are a scientific phenomenon happening in space, but do you really know what causes them?

Keepers of the Language: Gwich'in host's 'sole mission' is to preserve language

CBC host William Firth was only a teenager when his grandmother told him that he would never have a wife or family — that wasn’t his path. CBC is profiling language keepers to acknowledge the UN International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Diiginjik K'anaatii Kat: Digwitr'it gwizhit diiginjik k'anaatii gwizrih akoo t'idi'ii

CBC geenjit gwitr’it t’agwah’in William Firth, chaa k’eejit nilii dài’ vitsuu akòo diyahnùh, duuyeh nitr’iinjòo gòo nizheh k’oo gwiheelyàh – aii t’at veenjit gòo’aih kwàh.

Why Canadians should brush up on their geography of the 3 territories

Northerners are used to flubs when it comes to the territories: is Yellowknife in Yukon? Is it Yellowhorse? Are they provinces? A Canada Research Chair says there's good reason for Canadians to look to the North.

How much do you know about Canada's 3 territories?

Practically everyone who lives in Canada’s three territories has heard these types of questions before: Do you live in an igloo? Is it dark all the time? Are there any roads up there? Let's see how much you really know!

How this Alaskan woman is bringing back the art of Inuit tattoos

The ancient tradition of Inuit tattoos is seeing a modern revitalization. While some artists have gone modern, using tattoo guns, Holly Nordlum hand stitches or hand pokes the intricate Inuit designs.

Hundreds of century-old photos of Inuit travelling the North

Between 1903 and 1909, a police officer and his wife took more than 1,000 photos of Inuit and their way of life in Fullerton Harbour, Nunavut, and Churchill, Man.

You're not imagining it — September is colder than usual in Yellowknife

According to Environment Canada, not even halfway through September, Yellowknife has already broken cold records for three days.

Nunavut offender who fatally stabbed man in the heart getting released from prison

Pauloosie Padluq is under conditions not to consume drugs or alcohol, he must report relationships with women, avoid girls under the age of 18, and have no contact with the family of his victim.

Annoyed by a fuel stop on your direct flight? Why airlines can't always plan ahead

Some people flying direct from Alberta to Yellowknife have been sounding off about unexpected fuel stops. 'It is always legit,' says a Canadian North pilot.

Hired hitman sentenced to 3 years for offering to put 'snitch' in a coma

Ryley Moore was arrested as part of Yellowknife RCMP’s Green Manalishi investigation, which targeted high level drug dealers. Officers intercepted and monitored Moore’s telephone calls and text messages with convicted kingpin Todd Dube.

D'oh! CBC North's top editing flubs of 2017

Every day CBC web writers get dozens of 'typo reports' in our inboxes from you — the readers — pointing out egregious errors, grammatical flubs, misspelled names and geographical fumbles.

Repeat sexual offender in N.W.T. declared dangerous offender

Bobby Zoe, 36, has a long criminal record of sexual assault charges and breaking and entering. A judge has sentenced Zoe to serve an indeterminate sentence, which means there is no indication when he’ll get out.

1st female hunting guide in Cambridge Bay an inspiration to family, Inuit women

Pamela Nakashook is the first certified female hunting guide in her region of Nunavut. The 21-year-old, from Cambridge Bay, recently received her Level 1 guide licence — she was the only woman among 14 men in the course.