k.d. lang advises N.W.T.'s Leela Gilday during Banff recording session

Yellowknife singer-songwriter Leela Gilday got more than she bargained for during a recent trip to the Banff Centre of the Arts, where she brushed shoulders with, and received some tips from, a Canadian music legend.

Gilday is in Banff recording international collaboration with aboriginal artists

Singer k.d. lang performs after being inducted into the Juno Hall of Fame. lang stopped in at N.W.T. singer/songwriter Leela Gilday's recent recording session at the Banff Centre, giving her some suggestions for a collaboration she's working on with other aboriginal artists. ((Todd Korol/Reuters))
Yellowknife singer-songwriter Leela Gilday got more than she bargained for during a recent trip to the Banff Centre of the Arts, where she brushed shoulders with — and received some tips from — a Canadian music legend.
Gilday said she was honoured to get advice from someone as established as lang, a legend in the Canadian music industry. (Facebook )

Gilday is at the Banff Centre recording eight musical pieces with three other aboriginal artists from Canada and New Zealand. In between her recordings, she spotted none other than one of her favourite singers: k.d. lang.

Gilday says lang introduced herself to the group, and said she would drop in to listen to their demo pieces. Sure enough, the next day, she did.

"She came in and sat there," says Gilday, "and listened to both of them with her eyes closed.

"She said: 'I hope you don't mind, all my notes are for the singer. But I'm a singer, so here's what I suggest.' And she gave me some really excellent tips for approaching those two songs.

"And then she said: 'you really nailed it on the chorus.' And my heart jumped."

Gilday says lang was very gracious and humble, and added that she was honoured to receive advice from such a legendary talent. She says she and the other artists plan to perform the music next year.


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