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This 'very feisty' Fort Liard swan is not happy — here's why that's a good thing

The injured swan, spotted walking into the N.W.T. town earlier this month, is recovering from suspected frostbite at the Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C.

Hollywood gets Indigenous consultation right in Frozen 2, Sami experts say

A team of Sámi experts worked with Disney filmmakers on the representation of the fictional Northuldra tribe.

The Queen has ditched buying fur — here's what northern trappers think

In Canada’s North, trapping still provides a livelihood for Indigenous communities. But with the country’s head of state turning her back on the trade, some say it’s a chance to return to traditional ways.

N.W.T. cabinet and deputy assignments send mixed message about change

As cabinet ministers got their new portfolios, some longstanding deputies were shown the door.

Woman spearheads local internet service provider in Ulukhaktok, N.W.T.

A $20,000 investment by a non-profit in the Arctic hamlet of Ulukhaktok, N.W.T., will establish a new community-owned and operated internet service provider as early as next summer.

Workshop arms Sahtu residents with tools to challenge caribou controls

In Colville Lake, N.W.T., 22 Sahtu residents are learning how to turn traditional stories about the territory’s dwindling caribou herds into compelling evidence for local control.

N.W.T. students learn the ropes on research vessel's maiden voyage

A new program is setting students adrift

Nunavut ransomware attack impacting 'all government services'

The government of Nunvaut's communications system was the victim of a ransomware attack early Saturday morning, and as of Sunday night officials still did not know when systems would come back online.

What does 'implementing UNDRIP' actually mean?

The N.W.T. is due to follow B.C. in writing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People into law — but what would it actually do?

N.W.T. MLAs release priorities for 19th Assembly

The priorities, which include implementing United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and settling outstanding treaties, will form the basis of the next government’s mandate.

N.W.T.'s new premier will face big demands for change

Caroline Cochrane represents bold change — and an endorsement of the status quo.

Here are the 6 new members of the N.W.T. cabinet

Northwest Territories MLAs elected five women to cabinet on Thursday — the most in history.

Caroline Cochrane elected premier of the N.W.T.

Caroline Cochrane, who represents Yellowknife's Range Lake riding, was selected after three rounds of voting.

N.W.T. Indigenous advocate says Ottawa PPC candidate misinterpreting her story

Jaylene Delorme-Buggins was 'really bothered' to hear PPC candidate Paul Durst reference her in arguing for cuts to Indigenous services.

Premier hopefuls talk reforms in first pitch to N.W.T. MLAs

MLAs will select the next premier by secret ballot on Oct. 24.