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Clams being tested in Frobisher Bay after mass sewage dump in the spring

Residents of Iqaluit want to know if the clams in Frobisher Bay are healthy. More than 30-million litres of raw sewage was released into the bay over the spring.

Don't waste a drop: Iqaluit will use old pool water for construction, dust control

With a water emergency in Iqaluit, the city doesn't want to see one drop go to waste. That's why it's using pool water for construction and other city projects.

City of Iqaluit declares 2nd water emergency in 2 years

There is less water in Lake Geraldine now than there was when the city declared its first water emergency in 2018. To make matters worse, the Apex River, meant to supplement the reservoir, is also at a historic low.

4 retired ambulances donated to Nunavut communities in need

Most Nunavut communities don't have ambulances. Municipalities rely on residents or municipal vehicles to transport patients to health centres.

Iqaluit woman says city's shooting association not offering programs to community

The Iqaluit Shooting Association has not been in good standing with the Nunavut legal registry office since 2011.

Group in Gjoa Haven helps families fundraise for funeral travel

'We want them to just be with their family members while they're grieving," said Robby Qammaniq, a member of Katiqhuiriit Committee.

Iqaluit students walk out of school protesting inaction on climate change

About 100 students walked out of Iqaluit's Inuksuk High School in protest of climate change.

Iqaluit DEA makes Inuktitut classes mandatory for Grade 10 students

'The program in the last few years has been suffering,' said Doug Workman, the chairperson of the Iqaluit District Education Authority.

Kugluktuk to get hybrid solar-diesel power plant

More than $6 million will go to building a solar energy and storage system attached to the Kugluktuk power plant.

Could climate change help the Arctic's kelp flourish? Researchers are trying to find out

A warmer ocean could bring kelp closer to their optimal growing temperature.

13-year-old boy found safe in Iqaluit

A 13-year-old boy, missing since Monday evening, has been found safe. He was in Iqaluit for a medical appointment from Igloolik, Nunavut.

Kugluktuk finding new ways to produce fresh food, mining company lends a hand

Kugluktuk, Nunavut is finding new ways to provide the community with fresh produce. In April the hamlet harvested its first batch of leafy greens from the community greenhouse.

As gas vouchers end, food bank looks to solutions for country food

The Iqaluit Niqinik Nuatsivik Nunavut Food Bank is trying to increase access to country food. The food bank has just ended a three-month pilot project that gave out vouchers for bullets and gas to reduce barriers to hunting.

Iqaluit can pump water from Apex River for 7 years: review board

The City of Iqaluit wants to extract as much as 500 million litres of water from the Apex River to Lake Geraldine between the months of July and October until 2026.

950,000 litres of Iqaluit's raw sewage leaking into Frobisher Bay per day

Blockage at the city's main lift station has forced sewage to overflow into the bay, so it doesn't back into people's homes.