'It was right here:' Yukon cabin vanishes without a trace

Even the owner found it hard to believe: a cabin under construction on Fish Lake road near Whitehorse has been stolen. 'We found a pair of gloves, a crowbar, and they left the windows behind,' says Josie-Anne PiIotte.

Gloves, crowbar, and windows left behind

Yukon woman's cabin gets stolen 1:51

A Yukon woman is looking for her house.

Josie-Anne Pilotte says she was building a cabin on a friend's mining claim near Fish Lake Road just outside of Whitehorse.

The cabin was on pallets and ready to move, but when Pilotte arrived last month, she found someone else had already beat her to it. 

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      "We found a pair of gloves, a crowbar, and they left the windows behind," she says.

      Pilotte says whoever took the cabin took everything she had inside and left it outside. 

      She doesn't know what happened. Snowfall covered any tracks. 

      "I went berserk," Pilotte says. "I lost it. I left, and yes I went to the police and I reported it." 

      It's been two weeks since the theft and there are still few clues. 

      Pilotte says the cabin was supposed to be a hideaway.

      "Just a place to sleep, to hide in, to get away," she says. "A place to be, my little home."

      Police in Whitehorse are investigating the unusual crime.  


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