IserveU founder Paige Saunders answers your questions

Made-in-Yellowknife e-democracy platform IserveU has prompted plenty of reaction, both positive and negative. Paige Saunders, the platform's founder, answered your questions in a CBC North live chat.

Founder of groundbreaking e-democracy platform answered your questions in live chat

Paige Saunders, one of the founders of e-democracy platform IserveU, joined the CBC North digital team Monday morning to answer your questions on the groundbreaking direct voting system. (submitted)

On October 19, citizens across Canada will head to the polls, voting for the candidate they feel best represents them in the federal election.

In Yellowknife, citizens will also vote on representation of a different kind. 

Three candidates in Yellowknife's municipal election — also scheduled for Oct. 19 — have pledged to use the IserveU platform if elected. The made-in-Yellowknife e-democracy platform that allows residents to directly vote on issues in the community has seen its share of fans and critics since it was announced earlier this year.

IserveU has also prompted plenty of questions from the public. Founder Paige Saunders spoke with Trailbreaker host Loren McGinnis this morning, and then joined the CBC North digital team online to answer your questions.