Iqaluit RCMP lead says beer store could cut bootlegging

At a meeting of city council last night, Iqaluit RCMP Staff Sgnt. Monty LeComte said a beer and wine store in the city would cut down on bootlegging.

Iqaluit RCMP Staff Sgnt. Monty LeComte says having a beer and wine store in the city would curtail bootlegging.

LeComte gave his year-end report to Iqaluit City Council last night.

In it, he said alcohol and drugs continue to be a major contributing factor to crime in the city.

When asked about the possible effects of opening a beer and wine store, LeComte said he expects more calls to police.

“I'm almost anticipating a spike for the first little while. A spike in calls for service for the police. But I can see that levelling out after a while. Sort of after the novelty gets over.”

The Nunavut government made changes to the territory's liquor act last year to allow pilot project beer and wine stores in some communities.

No stores have opened yet.

Last fall, Finance Minister Keith Peterson said that wouldn't happen without consultation with communities.