Iqaluit issues city-wide boil water advisory Friday due to 'mechanical failure'

Residents of Iqaluit are again under an advisory to boil municipal water, for at least the third time this year.

Advisory is a 'temporary' measure, city says

A City of Iqaluit water truck delivers clean water to the Elders' Qammaq on Jan. 17. The city issued a new boil water advisory May 6 for all of Iqaluit, including residents who receive trucked services. (Steve Silva/CBC)

Residents of Iqaluit are once again being told to boil municipal water before drinking it.

This is at least the third time this year the city has issued a boil water advisory. This time, the city noted in a Friday morning public service announcement, a "mechanical failure" led to the measure.

The boil water advisory is temporary and applies to the entire city, including residents on trucked services who have water being delivered as of today. 

The advisory means residents should bring water to a rolling boil for at least a full minute if they plan to drink it or use it for infant formula, juice, ice cubes, washing fruit and vegetables, cooking or brushing their teeth.

The city stated it will release another announcement when the advisory is lifted.

The advisory comes two months after the last one, which stemmed from repairs to a water valve. Before that, the city issued a boil water advisory in January after it detected fuel in its water supply.

In 2021, residents of Iqaluit spent nearly two months under a do-not-consume order due to fuel contaminating the city's water supply.