Investigators say electrical wiring caused Watson Lake Tags fire

Yukon's fire marshall says electrical problem claimed Watson Lake Tags store.

Fire Marshall concludes investigation into blaze that claimed convenience store

Electrical wiring fingered as cause of Watson Lake Tags blaze. ((Paul Tubb))

Investigators say the fire that claimed the Watson Lake, Yukon Tags Convenience Store was caused by an electrical problem.

Fire investigators are closing the books on the investigation of the blaze that occurred in the early morning hours of April 3, 2013.

There was no one in the store at the time, which also houses the town’s only laundromat.

Investigators from the Yukon Fire Marshall's office sifted through the ashes to learn more about the cause of the inferno.

Yukon Fire Marshall  Dennis Berry says they've traced the origins to electrical wiring in the office area and are ruling the fire accidental.

"All indications point to this being the cause and at this time we are concluding our investigations.  And of course we do these investigations so we can look for patterns and stop fires before they start."

Berry said it is a timely reminder for home and business owners to check wiring connections, power bars, and extension cords for signs of damage, wear or overloading.