Step aside, YouTube: Inuktitube a 'one-stop-shop' for online Inuktitut videos

'The idea is to put all the Inuktitut videos in one place,' says the website's founder. It's like the Inuktitut version of YouTube.

New website aimed at unilingual people that 'really want a comfortable place on the internet'

One of the Inuit youth who participated in Pinnguaq's previous workshops. (Pinnguaq)

Inuktitut videos have a new home on the internet: it's called Inuktitube, the YouTube for people who speak Inuktitut.

It's a four-year-old passion project, according to Ryan Oliver, the owner of Pinnguaq, a non-profit technology startup that's behind many Inuit-based media projects, including teaching computer code to kids. 

"The idea is to put all the Inuktitut videos [on the internet] in one place, so that it can kind of be categorized and organized and searched in a way that can be done in Inuktitut," Oliver said. 

Videos from media sites on the internet are manually posted to the site by a Pinnguaq staff member but Oliver is hoping filmmakers and videographers of all levels will start uploading videos themselves. So far there are about 40 videos on the site. 

"I think the idea for Inuktitube is... there's just so much stuff in random corners of the internet, can we at least do our best to bring as many [Inuktitut videos] as we can to the same place?"

And Oliver hopes everyone else starts thinking like that too.

"If there is a new video coming out, someone thinks of putting it up on the website," he said. 

With files from Michelle Pucci


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