Independent workplace assessment launched into N.W.T. legislature clerk's office

The Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly Board of Management announced it would launch an independent workplace assessment two days after allegations of workplace bullying against the office of the clerk emerged.

Legislature clerk Tim Mercer went on leave on Monday, the same day accusations of bullying were made public

Tim Mercer, the clerk for the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly, denies all allegations against him. (CBC)

The Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly's Board of Management announced Wednesday it plans to launch an independent workplace assessment into the clerk's office.

The move comes after Tim Mercer, the clerk of the N.W.T. legislature, went on leave Monday, the same day accusations of workplace bullying came to light.

"The Board of Management wants to thank employees of the Legislative Assembly for their continued professionalism and their efforts to ensure all members are supported when the assembly resumes sitting next week," read a statement from the board on Wednesday.

It says it will comment further "when appropriate."

The Board of Management is a committee of MLAs that is responsible for the overall management of the Legislative Assembly. 

On Monday CBC published bullying allegations made against Mercer by a worker in his office.

April Taylor, a committee advisor, said Mercer has berated her and others to the point of tears. She also said Mercer responds to any criticism with hostility, and that his behaviour has gone unchecked by MLAs for years.

Mercer denies all of the allegations. He says most of them were independently investigated two years ago and found to be groundless.

MLA Steve Norn made similar allegations against Mercer and called for an independent investigation of him on Monday.


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