In Behchoko, trio retrieves person from unstable Marian Lake

A police officer, a volunteer firefighter and a resident of Behchoko retrieved an adult from the melted surface of Marian Lake Thursday afternoon.

Initial calls for person to come off ice, made via loud hailer, unsuccessful: police

A map showing the location of Marian Lake relative to Behchoko, N.W.T.

A police officer, a volunteer firefighter and a resident of Behchoko retrieved a "distraught" person from the melted and unstable surface of Marian Lake near Behchoko Thursday afternoon, Yellowknife RCMP say.

Behchoko RCMP were dispatched to the area shortly before 2 p.m. Thursday after a resident reported seeing an adult walking on the lake, according to a release issued Friday morning. 

Police arrived and initially tried to negotiate the adult off the ice using a loud hailer but were unsuccessful.

Then, after a short time, a police officer, accompanied by a member of the community, was driven via snowmobile by a volunteer firefighter onto the ice, where the trio "retrieved the person." 

The person was taken to Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife.

No other details about the person have been released.

Another incident in Yellowknife 

During another incident, in the early morning hours Thursday, Yellowknife RCMP responded to a call to assist in the search of a separate person in distress. That person was found and taken to Stanton Territorial hospital.

Few other details about that incident are known, except that a helicopter from Great Slave Helicopters was deployed to the city's Frame Lake area.