Igloolik's Andy Attagutalukutuk wins 2013 Nunavut Quest

The 14th annual Nunavut Quest wrapped up over the weekend in Igloolik, and Andy Attagutalukutuk of Igloolik took home the big prize.
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      The 14th annual Nunavut Quest dog sled race wrapped up over the weekend in Igloolik.

      The teams left Arctic Bay on April 23 and travelled about 600 kilometres in sometimes grueling conditions. The 11 mushers arrived at the finish line late Friday, and were greeted with celebrations in the community.

      Jeela Allurut, one of the race organizers, said some of the challenges included snowmobile breakdowns and bad weather

      "Some snowmobilers were dragging more than one qamutiq [traditional sled] and once they reached  a place called iqaluit (place of fish) the weather turned for the worse which stranded the dog teamers for two days," she said.

      The first-place winner, Andy Attagutalukutuk, took home a prize of $10,000. He finished the race in 38 hours and 34 minutes. Attagutalukutuk won the race last year, as well.

      The second-place winner was Peter Siakuluk, who came in at 39 hours and took home a prize of $5,000. 

      Bob Olayuk came in third at just over 40 hours, and he also took home $5,000.

      Allurut said with enough funds raised for the event, all the racers received monetary prizes.

      The community celebrated the end of the 14th edition of the Nunavut Quest with dances, games and feasts.