Ice bridge in Dawson City officially open to the public

The temporary bridge across the Yukon River connects Dawson City with two communities, West Dawson and Sunnydale.

'It's so nice to get it done before Christmas,' says department superintendent

Signage informing travellers that the maximum weight allowed on on the ice bridge is 5,000 kilograms. (Submitted by Jim Regimbal)

The ice bridge in Dawson City, Yukon is officially open to the public.

The temporary bridge across the Yukon River connects Dawson City with two communities, West Dawson and Sunnydale. The bridge officially opened on Monday.

"I think we're a day ahead of schedule," said Jim Regimbal, superintendent for Yukon's Department of Highways and Public Works.

"It's perfect and we're a week ahead from last year."

The bridge can hold cars and trucks that weigh less than 5,000 kilograms. Regimbal says that it is nice to get the bridge done in time for Christmas. 

"It's good so that people can get in and sit with family in small groups and enjoy a great holiday season," he said.

A traveller crosses the ice bridge to West Dawson. (Submitted by Jim Regimbal)

Second ice road under construction

Crews are also building a second, wider road that can hold heavier vehicles. A snowcat is being used to clear the snow and ice for workers to flood the section.

The aim is to flood the road until the ice is thick enough to hold 40,000 kilograms.

"Once the 40,000 [bridge] is certified and open, that will be the ice bridge for the winter and the 5,000 one won't be maintained," Regimbal told CBC.

AE Engineering and Big Ice Services were contracted for the ice bridge. Residents of Dawson City were also hired to help with the construction.


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