Huggies diaper had insect in it, Yellowknife mom says

Yellowknife resident Jessica Simpson says she was grossed out when she found a worm-like insect in a Huggies diaper she had purchased for her two-year-old son Eamonn at the local Wal-Mart.

Kimberly-Clark spokesman says it's difficult to know how the bug got into the diaper

Yellowknife mom finds insect in diaper

9 years ago
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Yellowknife mom finds insect in diaper

A mother in Yellowknife says she may contact Health Canada after finding a worm-like insect in a Huggies Snug & Dry diaper she had purchased at Wal-Mart for her two-year-old son Eamonn. 

Jessica Simpson says she found the bug crawling around the diaper three nights ago.

“I was grossed out,” she says.

The insect is about half a centimetre long with stripes.

Simpson called Kimberly-Clark, the company behind the Huggies brand.

She says a representative assured her the insect didn't come from Huggies' factory but probably got on the product during shipping.

Bob Brand, director of external communications for Kimberly-Clark, would only say it’s difficult to know exactly where the bug came from.

"Obviously part of that time it's in our control and part of that time it's out of our control, either with one of our retail customers or at our consumer's home."

Brand also says customers should be careful to store diapers in the right location, such as a dry heated spot.

That’s exactly where Simpson says she she stored her box: on a shelf in a heated storage room on the second floor of her house. She bought the diapers from a Wal-Mart in Yellowknife in September.

Simpson plans to send some diapers — and the bug —  to Huggies for analysis.

Meanwhile, the company has sent her a prepaid credit card, though she's not sure she'll spend it on their products.