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'Hot dogs don't belong in mac and cheese' — them's fighting words up North

This week's Arctic Kitchen recipe is a controversial classic: hotdogs in mac and cheese

'I can't stand it,' says Louisa Yukon

Do hot dogs belong in mac and cheese? Louisa Yukon says no way. (Photo: Jay Legere)

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She knew what she was doing. 

She knew when she hit enter … there was no turning back.

"FYI … hot dogs do not belong in mac and cheese," wrote Louisa Yukon, who lives in Tulita, N.W.T.

She posted her position — IN ALL CAPS — on CBC North's Facebook group: The Arctic Kitchen.

Safe to say she stirred the pot.

Some say frying hot dogs before mixing them with mac and cheese is the only way to go. (Photo: Jay Legere)

"Straight up lies!!!!!!" said Spence Bergen.

"Hot dogs were the only thing that made mac 'n' cheese edible, as I recall!" said Fran Hurcomb.

"My stomach said otherwise last night," said Meagan Taylor.

"I am now compelled to report you, not only to the administrators, but also to the authorities," said Mark Lundbek.

In fact, the vast majority of the more than 200 comments were in favour of hot dogs in mac and cheese.

(To our foodie readers: yes, we are aware that technically, a "hot dog" is a wiener in a bun. However, all references to hot dogs herein are bunless.)

Some people even said they take it a step further when making the meal.

Plain old fashioned mac and cheese. Purists say this is the only way it should be eaten. (Photo: Jay Legere)

"I love it. Also a can of diced tomatoes, maybe some frozen peas too," said Heather Marie Tourond-Inouye.

"Add onion," said Brenda Hoar.

"My sister and granddaughter love mac and cheese with Bush's beans mixed in," Lillian Bartlett chimed in.

There were a few who agreed with Yukon, but they were silenced. 

We reached out to her to find out why she would say such a thing.

"It was all I could afford while in college ... ate it everyday for a year, now I can't stand it, lol," she said on Facebook messenger.

Once you've tried it, there's nothing quite like hot dogs in mac and cheese. (Photo: Jay Legere)

In the end, she decided to make peace with members of the group.

"After carefully examining each and every comment I have come to the conclusion that the majority of this group likes KD and Well, we live in the North where food costs an arm and a leg, I guess it shall suffice," Yukon commented.

Then she got in one last shot.

"But, I respectfully stand by my post and I say NO to KD and wieners."

What do you think? Is there a place for hot dogs in mac and cheese?