Yukon RCMP warn Whitehorse residents of high-risk offender

Yukon RCMP are alerting Whitehorse residents of Christopher Russell Schafer's presence in the community because he is considered to be at a "high risk" to re-offend.

Christopher Russell Schafer is required to follow strict conditions upon release from jail

Christopher Russell Schafer is currently residing in Whitehorse's Riverdale neighbourhood. (Submitted by Yukon RCMP)

Yukon RCMP alerted Whitehorse residents Friday night that a man considered to be at a "high risk to re-offend" is living in the city.

Christopher Russell Schafer is living in Whitehorse's Riverdale neighbourhood after completing a sentence for sexual assault and other violent offences.

He is currently on probation, and barred from possessing weapons, possessing or consuming alcohol and non-prescription drugs and communication with his victims.

In a news release, RCMP state they are providing this information to alert the public about Schafer's presence in the community.

"Any form of vigilante activity or other unreasonable contact will not be tolerated," states the release.