Groundwater contaminated in Keno City, Yukon

Health officials are testing water after high levels of cadmium and zinc were found. Yukon Health Minister Doug Graham said the elements occur naturally in the area and residents need not be concerned.

Health officials testing water after high levels of cadmium, zinc found

Health officials in Yukon are doing water tests in Keno City, Yukon, after finding extremely high levels of contamination in nearby groundwater.

Contractors who are reclaiming the nearby mine site recently alerted the officials about the dangerous levels of cadmium and zinc.

Health Minister Doug Graham said residents have been alerted.

Yukon Health Minister Doug Graham said they are doing tests on the water near Keno City, Yukon. He said the elements found at high levels in nearby groundwater - cadmium and zinc - occur naturally in the area. (CBC)

"I don’t think they should be really concerned because it is a naturally occurring thing here, but we thought in the interests of safety, people should know what is going on there and just stay on top of the situation," he said.

Graham said four private wells in the area have proven safe for drinking water in the past.

He’s cautioning residents not to use those four wells until new tests are done.