Kindness of strangers helps woman get music for grandmother after online scam

A grandmother in Paulatuk, N.W.T., has a bigger, better collection of CDs thanks to some strangers on the internet.

Granddaughter tried to buy her George Jones CDs, but was left $40 short

Madeline Nakimayak says her grandmother, Helen Nakimayak, has always loved George Jones. (Submitted by Madeline Nakimayak)

A grandmother in Paulatuk, N.W.T., has a bigger, better collection of CDs thanks to some strangers on the internet.

Madeline Nakimayak says her Nanak, Helen Nakimayak, has always loved George Jones.

"For as long as I can remember George Jones was constantly playing," said Madeline.

She said her grandma has always had CDs or DVDs of George Jones' recorded concerts. But recently when she saw her Nanak's collection she noticed they were all scratched up and one had gone missing.

They went to multiple stores looking for new ones but didn't find any.

That's when Madeline decided to post on social media saying she was looking to buy new CDs and someone responded saying they had some and could drop them off at her house.

She waited up all night, but the person she bought them from never showed up.

"I posted on Facebook saying hey watch out for this person I was promised George Jones CD's and unfortunately I did not get it, so now I am down 40 bucks," Madeline said.

Strangers on the internet have been giving Madeline Nakimayak CDs for her grandmother, by some of her favourite country artists including George Jones. (Submitted by Madeline Nakimayak)

She was just hoping to warn people about the scam that she was victim to, but she didn't expect what happened next.

There was a huge outpouring of support online, people from Yellowknife and Tulita, saying they had CDs for her grandmother.

"I had like a tremendous amount of people. I am so overwhelmed with everybody … it totally made her day because of the kindness of the people," Madeline said.

She has picked up six CDs from various artists already and plans to pick up six more on Monday. Someone even ordered some on Amazon, to be delivered to Madeline's house.

"[They] totally made her day … and she's super grateful to everyone who has offered and given her CDs."


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