Discount company GoSarvaq folds 2 weeks before first scheduled flight

GoSarvaq, a company providing seats for sale on passenger flights between Iqaluit and Ottawa at discount prices, announced Friday — two weeks before their first scheduled flight — that they will be folding.

Company announced discount flights in January, cites market conditions as reason for decision

GoSarvaq, a company offering discount flights out of Iqaluit, announced Friday that they would be folding two weeks before their first scheduled flight, citing market conditions.

GoSarvaq, a company providing seats for sale on passenger flights between Iqaluit and Ottawa at discount prices, announced Friday — two weeks before their first scheduled flight — that they will be folding. 

The news was delivered in a release by president Adamee Itorcheak Friday morning. 

"This is not a happy note," the release began. "This is the kind of note you hope you never have to write."

"Unfortunately we find ourselves in a position where we have to admit defeat, now, in order to protect competitive pricing for our potential passengers. It is with deep regret we are notifying you to advise that we will not be able to operate GoSarvaq."

The company was initially announced as FlySarvaq, a partnership between Sarvaq Logistics and charter airline Nolinor Aviation. It changed its name to GoSarvaq in April, announcing that it wouldl be working with Kelowna, B.C.-based Flair Airlines, which also operates national discount airline NewLeaf.

In his statement, Itorcheak cited "drastically" changing market conditions for the decision to close up shop.

"We have been open and honest when we have said our model is only sustainable in a competitive environment. When that market sees pricing that has never before been seen in at least the last 10 years, the environment is no longer competitive," he wrote.

Itorcheak drew parallels between the launch of GoSarvaq and current seat sales from other airlines in the region, saying that if they "were successful at anything at GoSarvaq, it was that our business model resulted in a fair and affordable airfare for the summer months.

"We have demonstrated that this model IS [sic] sustainable. Other carriers have responded showing they CAN [sic] operate at affordable levels. This is a win for Nunavummiut."

According to the release, GoSarvaq will have more information in the coming days and "will be focused on supporting passengers and our staff through this difficult period and transition."


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