Fox that was mistaken for a puppy needs $10K for a home

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve is fundraising to build a home for the fox that came its way after it was mistaken for a puppy.
One month later, officials at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve can say with certainty the baby animal a Whitehorse family mistook for a puppy is most definitely a fox. (CBC)

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve is fundraising to build a home for the fox that came its way after it was mistaken for a puppy.

This spring, a Whitehorse family thought they had discovered an abandoned puppy near Marsh Lake over the Easter weekend. But they weren't sure it was a puppy, and so other guesses included otter, marten or wolverine, until staff at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve determined it to be a fox by the white tip on its tail.

This spring a Whitehorse family mistook this baby fox for an abandoned puppy. (CBC)
Now that it's growing up it's time to find him a home.

"The little fox is getting a bit lonely," said Maria Hallock, Yukon Wildlife Preserve curator. "We either need to move him to a larger enclosure and have a friend or send him somewhere where he can have a little better quality of life than we have currently."

The Wildlife Preserve is fundraising for $10,000 to build a bigger enclosure. It would be similar to the arctic-fox enclosure and it would be right beside it, so visitors could see the two in close proximity, as they live in the wild.