'I put the 'warm' in shawarma': Summer's gone, but this Whitehorse food truck is still cooking

Louis-Roch Gagnon is still serving up Mediterranean fare from his Winnebago, after other food trucks have gone into hibernation.

'It's quite warm in the truck. In fact, you can see me in a t-shirt,' said Louis-Roch Gagnon

Customers wait for their food at the Garlic-a-go-go Food truck. (Mike Rudyk)

Normally at this time of year food trucks have all but disappeared from downtown Whitehorse. They're covered up, and put into storage for the long winter months.

But there's one die-hard food vendor who hasn't quit yet. 

"I would say I put the 'warm' in shawarma," said Louis-Roch Gagnon, owner of the Garlic A GoGo food truck. 

Gagnon says if the relatively mild weather holds, people might be able to order his Mediterranean food right up until Christmas, and beyond.

'I would say I put the warm in Shawarma, so they are definitely having their shawarma wraps,"says owner operator of food truck Garlic-a-go-go.Louis-Roch Gagnon. (Mike Rudyk)

His truck is hard to miss, downtown — it's a classic 1973 unpolished, bare-metal Winnebago typically parked on Third Avenue.

Gagnon says customers are still following their noses to the smell of garlic. 

"They are definitely having their shawarma wraps, the Greek garlic fries are always popular, and the spicy Turkish fries — those will keep you warm," said Gagnon.

People lined up at Garlic-a-go-go food truck in late November. (Mike Rudyk )

And how does he stay warm inside, when it's wintry outside?

"Well, the shawarma machine generates about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, my deep fryer is about 400 degrees, so it's quite warm in the truck. In fact, you can see me now in a t-shirt," he said. 

Gagnon says he'll keep his food truck cooking until the temperature dips below –10 C.


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