Floyd Roland to step down as Inuvik mayor in September

Floyd Roland has said he intends to step down from his position as Inuvik mayor in September, just days after the town of Inuvik determined he could keep the position while campaigning as the N.W.T.'s Conservative candidate in the upcoming federal election.

Questions recently raised about federal Conservative candidate's attempt to campaign while serving as mayor

Floyd Roland, the Conservative candidate for the N.W.T. in the upcoming federal election, says that he plans to step down from his current post as Inuvik mayor in early September. (CBC)

Inuvik's mayor now says he will be stepping down in early September to campaign as a Conservative candidate for the Northwest Territories in the upcoming federal election.

Floyd Roland, who is campaigning in Hay River Wednesday, says he plans to be back in his home community by the end of the week.

"As I have stated, I have taken annual leave for this week," he said in an email. "Once I get back into the office I plan to finalize a stepping down date in early Sept."

Earlier this week, Roland said he would use annual leave in order to campaign while remaining mayor of Inuvik. He clarified his plans late Tuesday.

As mayor, Roland gets 25 days of annual leave — enough to cover just a fraction of the 78-day federal election campaign, one of the longest in Canada's modern history. There is no requirement for him to step down as mayor, but his NDP opponent Dennis Bevington questioned his ability to perform effectively in both roles.

According to Inuvik's senior administrative officer, Roland has not informed town council of his intentions.


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