Floyd Roland to seek N.W.T. Conservative nomination in federal election

Inuvik mayor and former Northwest Territories premier Floyd Roland has confirmed to CBC that he hopes to run for the federal Conservatives in the upcoming election, saying that he plans to file his nomination papers next week.

Inuvik mayor and former premier says he plans to file papers next week

Inuvik mayor Floyd Roland will seek the federal Conservative nomination for the Northwest Territories in the 2015 election. (CBC)

Inuvik mayor Floyd Roland has confirmed to CBC that he plans to seek the Conservative Party nomination for the Northwest Territories in the 2015 federal election, saying that he will file his nomination papers next week.

Roland served as the premier of the Northwest Territories from 2007 to 2011 before becoming elected mayor of Inuvik in 2012. He served as a territorial MLA for the Inuvik riding, and then the riding of Inuvik Boot Lake, from 1995 to 2011.

The announcement comes one day after the Alberta NDP's win in their provincial election, a situation Roland says he'll be watching closely. Roland says he'll be paying close attention to the effect the change in government could have on resource development in the province, adding that changes there could effect the Northwest Territories' resource-based economy.

Despite the surprising result, Roland said it wouldn't necessarily have a bearing on the federal election, which is scheduled to take place October 19.

"Many times across the country, when you watch provincial, territorial politics, that scenario doesn't necessarily play out on the federal side," said Roland. "It comes down to what you can do, and try to do for your jurisdiction, and how it fits with the policies and fundamentals of the party."

It is not yet known if Roland will be facing a challenger for the Conservative nomination. Kieron Testart and Gail Cyr, both of Yellowknife, have announced they will be seeking the Liberal nod in the riding. 

Current Northwest Territories MP Dennis Bevington of the NDP has not yet confirmed he will seek re-election, but told CBC in March of this year: "if the election's next month, I suppose I'll be in it."


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