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Crispy fried fish skin 'tastes like a trout flavored potato chip'

Fish skin can be seen as slimy and gross. But if it's cooked right, it's crispy and delicious, says Shawnalee Sears from Whitehorse. She eats her fish skins with a side of fresh frybread and her mom's strawberry rhubarb jam.

Don't be afraid; fry up your fish skin and dig in, says Shawnalee Sears from Whitehorse

Shawnalee Sears with the lake trout she caught at Marsh Lake, Yukon. (Submitted by Shawnalee Sears)

Do not let that fish skin go to waste! 

It's delicious. 

Especially if it's fried until it's nice and crispy.

Just ask Shawnalee Sears of Whitehorse. She's been devouring fish skin since she was little.

"If anyone would leave skin on their plate I always swooped in like a seagull," she said in an interview over Facebook Messenger. 

This plate holds the skin and belly fins of three lake trout caught by Shawnalee Sears. (Submitted by Shawnalee Sears)

Now that she's older, she's frying up fish skin every chance she gets. And she's showing off her skills in CBC North's Facebook recipe group.

"I pan fried these till crispy in their own fat from the belly… soooo good for a treat," she said in her mouthwatering video post to the group.

Sears knows that some people out there aren't into eating fish skin.

"I guess people see skins as slimy," she told CBC.

Shawnalee Sears loves to eat her fried fish skin with some fresh frybread topped with her mother's strawberry rhubarb jam. (Submitted by Shawnalee Sears)

But if it's done right, it's not slimy at all.

Here's how:

"Remove the skin from the trout. Rinse well and pat dry.  Use [of] a cast iron skillet is best. You can use a little bit of oil in the pan. Cook like you would bacon, lay flat, don't crowd the pan. Season with salt and pepper, garlic salt or Hy's Seasoning. Then when the fish is crisp on both sides, drain on paper towel."  

"If you want to leave the skin on the fish, do the same thing [while] flipping [the] fish as the skin crisps," she said.

Sears loves to eat her fish skins with a side of fresh frybread and her mom's strawberry rhubarb jam.

She also simply loves it as a snack on its own.

"It tastes like a trout flavoured potato chip."