Fire causes $250K damage to home in Iqaluit

No one was injured when a fire ripped through a home in Iqaluit Tuesday night in an area of the city without piped water.
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      A fire caused and estimated $250,000 damage to a home in Iqaluit Tuesday night in the Tundra Valley area of the city.

      No one was injured.

      Two fire trucks and two ambulances arrived on the scene at house 2551 in Tundra Valley at about 9 p.m.

      Municipal enforcement and RCMP were also on the scene.

      Mihaly Liptak said he was driving back from NorthMart when his friend pointed out white smoke coming from the house. 

      "As we were approaching the house, we saw the flames," he said. "A few people from the neighbourhood were trying to see if there was anybody in the house or not, so they broke the windows to find out if there was anybody there but there was nobody in there at the time." 

      Liptak says neighbours also moved quickly to shut off the valve on the gas tank.

      There is no piped water in this area of Iqaluit, water is delivered to homes by truck.  That's why city water trucks were lined up last night to provide water for firefighters.