FBI seeks Yukon help to trace Alaska serial killer's travels

The FBI is hoping Yukoners with long memories can help the agency retrace the steps of an Alaskan serial killer who drove through the territory in 2007.

Israel Keyes drove through Yukon on way to Alaska in 2007

The FBI is hoping Yukoners with long memories will help the agency retrace the steps of an Alaskan serial killer.

Israel Keyes killed himself in an Anchorage police cell last year while awaiting trial in the killing of a 19-year-old woman in that community.

Israel Keyes, who killed himself in an Anchorage, Alaska, police cell last year while awaiting trial, is suspected of killing 11 people across the United States. The FBI is seeking tips from Yukoners who may have spotted him while he was driving to Alaska in March 2007. (Photo courtesy of FBI)

Before he died, Keyes admitted killing 10 other people between Vermont and Alaska.

The FBI said  his travels took him on a road trip through Yukon in March 2007, when he drove to Alaska from Washington state. The FBI said Keyes is known to have stopped in Watson Lake, Destruction Bay and Teslin.

Special Agent Eric Gonzales said he would like to speak with anyone who might remember Keyes from that trip.

"Someone may have recognized Keyes that we can maybe put him in a location with someone who may have disappeared," he said.

"This effort that we are undertaking is really a last gasp sort of effort in order to bring some sort of closure to the families of the victims that Keyes had murdered."

Gonzales said the FBI has no evidence Keyes committed any crime on his Yukon trip but the agency would like to know if he was travelling alone, and if not, get a description of who he was seen with.  

The FBI has recovered two caches buried by Keyes — one in Eagle River, Alaska, and one near Blakes Falls Reservoir in New York. The caches contained weapons and other items used to dispose of bodies.

More photos of Keyes and information about his travels are posted on the FBI Anchorage website.