N.W.T. gov't officials shoot wolf near Detah ice road

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources says it had gotten several reports of a wolf roaming around Detah.

Wolf was killed in the interest of public safety, N.W.T. environment department says

A screenshot from a video posted to Facebook on Tuesday. N.W.T. government officials killed a wolf from the side of the Detah ice road. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources says attempts to 'deter the wolf' had been unsuccessful. (Submitted by Lorraine Villeneuve)

The Northwest Territories government says a wolf shot from the Detah ice road was killed "safely and humanely."

A video of the shooting was captured by passersby and posted to Facebook on Tuesday.

The four-minute video shows a wolf running alongside the ice road between Detah and Yellowknife.

Shortly after the one-minute mark, there is a cracking sound and the wolf collapses. Shots appear to have been fired from near a truck with flashing lights parked on the road.

Two men walk from the road up to the wolf and are met by another man on a snowmobile. The men then drag the wolf to the road, at which point the video ends.

Animals that become habituated to humans can be dangerous.- Joslyn Oosenbrug, ENR spokesperson

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) confirmed officials killed the wolf.

In an email Friday, spokesperson Joslyn Oosenbrug said the department got reports on Feb. 7 and 8 of a wolf near homes, the school, and at other spots around Detah.

She said several attempts to "deter the wolf" were unsuccessful, and that people in the community were worried about their safety.

The department decided killing the wolf was a matter of public safety, said Oosenbrug.

"Animals that become habituated to humans can be dangerous," she said.

"The best way to prevent conflicts with wild animals is by avoiding leaving food outdoors, including pet food, garbage or other attractants.

"Do not feed wildlife under any circumstances."

At the time of publication, the Facebook video had been viewed about 18,000 times.

With files from Hilary Bird


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